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We are a trekking organisation who let’s you connect with the nature and strives to chain you towards conservation who started their journey back in 2017 winter when we witnessed people travelling to famous tourist destinations  just for the sake of posting pictures in social media or to be there cause someone they know has already been there. But our motto since the very beginning is to let you people be aware of the local tribes, their cultures and be a conservationist at least for the time you spend with us. We personally believe that everyone connects with nature but not everyone realises and dedicate their lives to protect it. Ecohikes will be the channel you need, to be the nature’s companion and to embark conversations in a common space. Nature conservation is a profound concept when it comes to subjective matters but in a broader perspective such as a real live trekking session whichenables you to be a better person towards everything that lets you breathe since you get to see everything in a magnifying glass when you trek with us. We, as an organisation, not only strive towards conservation but also concerned towards the joy in your trip. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we do our best to give you the best memories of your life.

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