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Explore the Lesser known Waterfalls of Ananthgiri Hill Ranges

Waterfalls Trip is for people Who are looking for less Trekking and more time with non touristy Waterfalls. These 2 Waterfalls are located in Paderu and Ananthagiri hill ranges of Eastern Ghats.

Location: Paderu & Anathagiri Hill Ranges

Distance: 125kms+125kms

Trek length: 5kms in 2 days

Batch Size: 8 to 20 People per Batch


Day 1 

12:30 PM

Starts from Hanumanthuwaka 

03:30 PM

Small Break on the way.

05:30 PM

Start trekking to our Camping area at a view point(1.5km trek).

06:00 PM

Reach the Campsite and take some rest before we set-up the camp.

You can participate in setting up tents and in preparing Campfire or you can spend your time at the view point.

07:00 PM

Campfire will be ready, tents will be allocated on a sharing basis in 3P tents (different for men and women)

8:30 PM

Dinner will be served

(Chapati with veg curry)

9:30 PM

Enjoy the night sky.

11:00 PM 

Time to sleep


04:50 AM

It's time to wake up.

05:30 AM

Explore the view point area.

Experience the sunrise over the ananthagiri hill ranges.

08:00 AM

Get back into the vehicle and start our journey towards the waterfalls.

09:30 AM

Reach the waterfalls, 

You can go for a swim in the pool.

10:15 AM 

Time to have some  hot Maggie

11:00 AM

Will take you all down to a small water slide down the waterfall.

12:45 PM

Time to have some hot veg.Biryani 

01:45 PM

Start trekking back to the vehicle.

05:30 PM

Tea Break at Pinagadi Junction

By 07:00 PM 

Will be in vizag.


- Blanket

- poncho or raincoat ( if you have)

- rain cover for bag

- Torch or headlamp( if you have)

- Camera (optional)

- Sunscreen

- Hat or Cap

- Your valid ID card

- 2l Water 

- Electrolytes packet

- Toiletries

What to wear for the trek :

Trek - Light and stretchable trousers

(Avoid heavy jeans)

Carry an extra pair of clothes.

Shoes - Trekking shoes and sandals

Medical Kit: Personal medicines-if you have any.

Don't carry any Ornaments and valuables with you, you're solely responsible for your belongings.

** Organisers are full right to make changes to the plan according to the weather and the situation.**

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